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JNI Sales Fun Gathering 2015

On January 16, 2015 ago, the entire JNI Sales team hold one-day event on the theme “JNI Sales Fun Gathering”. The event aims to start the new year with gusto, and for a moment to unwind after... Read More


Chilled Carrot Tomato Soup

Ingredients: 100 g Ketchup 20 g Knorr Chicken Seasoning Powder 400 g Carrot 1 g Cumin Seeds 2 g Paprika Cayenne pepper, ground 15 g Honey 40 g Crouton bread 1 g Parsley leaves 40 g Onion 1 l Water Preparation: Grind... Read More


BBQ Puff Pastry

Ingredients: Skin: 1,000 g High protein flour 50 g Sugar 20 g Salt 150 g Blue Band Master Cake Margarine 1 x 15 kg 500 g Ice water 500 g Blue Band Master Pastry Fat 1 x 15 kg Filling: 20 g Garlic 150... Read More

tuna light

Tuna Sandwich Light

Ingredients: 1 can of Ayam Brand Tuna 1/2 piece avocado 1/2 cup Ayam Brand Whole Kernel Corn 2 tsp butter 4 pieces of bread 1 tbsp mayonnaise Some black pepper Read More  Read More →


Almond Disk Cookies

Ingredients: 180.00 g BLUE BAND Master Gold Margarine1 x 15 kg 20.00 g Butter 80.00 g Sugar 30.00 g PFANNI Puree Flocken 1 x 4 kg 2.00 pc Egg Yolk 250.00 g Medium Protein Flour 10.00 g Milk Powder 3.00... Read More


Malang Branch Office

As the second largest city in East Java after Surabaya, industrial and tourism business has been growing rapidly in the Malang and its surrounding areas. This resulted an increased in demand from our... Read More


The Launching of JNI Website

JNI has launched its first website, to help you getting information about our products and services. Feel free to contact our Customer Service within our office hour from our Contact us Page.  Read More →